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What is a proximity key?

Usually if you have to push a button to start your engine you have a proximity system.

Proximity Key: What is it?

A proximity key is a little fob that permits a keyless entrance and ignition mechanism in your car. When you’re within the appropriate frequency range, the fob interacts through radio waves with your automobile to lock and open doors and even to start the car engine.

Way back in 1998, Mercedes-Benz was the first to present this system in the automotive industry.

Today, motor vehicle owners want their cars to carry out jobs that would formerly need a small physical or psychological effort. The remote "key" has genuinely ended up being a pillar of late model style. Instead of placing a metal key into a tumbler lock (undoubtedly a job that needs far excessive effort and handbook mastery), we now anticipate pushing a button on a cordless transmitter to perform this strenuous task of locking and opening the automobile doors.

Due to its booming prevalence around the world, proximity keys are known today by several names. But, irrespective of the name they all do the same thing. So, here are some alternative names for a proximity key:

  • Smart Key
  • Intelligent Key
  • Keyless Go
  • Push Button Start
  • Keyless Access
  • Keyless Entry
  • Push-to-Start

How can a proximity key help?

The proximity key permits the motorist to keep the key fob in a pocket or bag when opening, starting or locking the car. Automobiles with this innovative car key system likewise have an automated car key back-up, generally an extra key blade provided with the vehicle.

Moreover, automobiles with a proximity key system have the capability to turn-off the immobiliser and trigger the ignition without placing a physical key in the ignition, granted the key is inside the car with the chauffeur. On several types of automobiles, this is done by pushing a starter button or turning an ignition button. There are also automobiles which have an ignition slot for the proximity key.

Many people do not recognise that their proximity keys include a key blade within the remote for emergencies. This can be used to open, close, and begin your automobile. Furthermore, as a motorist, depending on your car, you can even start it using a transponder chip inside the proximity key that does not require batteries to function.

Keep in mind that a transponder key is not the same as a proximity card or fob. A transponder key includes a little "chip" inside the key head that transmits a signal to the signal amplifier and then to the ECU. What this does is disengage the immobiliser and permits the car engine to start. With a push-button ignition, the proximity fob needs merely to be within range to get the engine started.

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